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British Columbia

Financial development in B.C. relies upon individuals on having the certified specialists and businesspeople we must meet work labour and economic development demands and guarantee the prosperity of the province. Immigration has a significant share in aiding B.C. to meet present and future labour market shortages. In-demand foreign workers and experienced business visionaries who can contribute financially to the Province are offered an economic immigration pathway through the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

A new Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) for the BC PNP was introduced by the Government of British Columbia on January 27, 2016. It is a points-based framework which gives you an enrolment score that decides if you may be welcome to apply. The score depends on various factors like education level, number of years of direct work experience and an employment offer from B.C.

BC manages all the applications through an online application management system through which BCPNP applicants can use the Express Entry system to meet the labour needs of the province.

Express Entry BC categories:

  • Express Entry BC Skilled Worker
  • Express Entry BC Health Care Professional
  • Express Entry BC International Graduate
  • Express Entry BC International Post-Graduate

Following Express Entry BC requirements should be met for the prioritized processing of your PR application:

You must meet the criteria for at least one of the federal economic immigration programs subject to IRCC’s Express Entry system

Obtain an IRCC Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code, and indicate your interest in immigrating to B.C.

Receive a nomination under one of the BC PNP’s EEBC categories. You also need to ensure that you meet the minimum criteria for both the relevant BC PNP category as well as one of the eligible federal economic immigration programs

Skills Immigration Categories:

Skilled Worker:

A valid B.C. job offer as managers, professionals and skilled tradespeople and a minimum two years of directly related full-time (or full-time equivalent) work experience in the skilled occupation is a must have and, if applicable, the credentials and qualification requirements of the position are also required.

Health Care Professional:

In British Columbia health care workers and professionals are in high demand.

A physician, nurse, psychiatric nurse or allied health professional with a job offer from a public health authority in B.C. can apply under this category.

International Graduate:

In order to be eligible under this category, applicants must have a degree or diploma from a Canadian College or University and a job offer for a full-time, indeterminate position that requires a university or college education at a wage that meets industry standards.

International Post-Graduate:

A Master's or Doctoral Degree in the natural, applied or health sciences from a B.C. University is a must have for you if you wish to apply under this category. It is important to note that for this category only, a job offer is not required.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (including employment in the Northeast Development Region in BC):

A valid job offer from a B.C. Employer is a must have and applicant must be a worker in tourism/ hospitality, food processing and long-haul trucking, OR entry level and semi-skilled workers who are residing in Northeast Development Region of the province are also eligible.

BC PNP Tech Pilot:

The eligibility criteria for this category IA as follows:

  • The BC PNP Tech pilot is not a separate BC PNP stream or category. Applicants still need to apply to the BC PNP under one of the existing categories.
  • The job offer must be for a single job in one of the 29 occupations eligible under the BC PNP Tech Pilot. If you are already working in an eligible occupation, you may submit a registration with your current job offer.
  • All job offers must be for at least one year (365 days), and the job offer must have at least 120 days remaining at the time of application to the BC PNP. Longer duration job offers, including indeterminate (permanent, or with no set end date) job offers, are also eligible.

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