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Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program supports the Northwest Territories economy by gaining interest of qualified individuals to fill critical labour shortages and promote business development. The Nominee Program can also assist employers in recruiting and retaining foreign workers and can help foreign workers and their families to settle in the Northwest Territories permanently. Individuals nominated by the Northwest Territories are eligible to apply for permanent residency through Citizenship and Immigration Canada as part of the Provincial Nominee stream.

Following are the various categories under which applicants can apply:

Skilled Worker:

Candidates with skilled occupations requiring formal education and/or specialized training are targeted through this stream. These occupations are within the National Occupational Classification, Skill Levels 0, A, and B.

Critical Impact Worker:

The critical labour shortages that cannot be fulfilled by the Canadian residents by the employers are intended to be fulfilled with foreign workers by increasing the labour pool for entry level jobs describes within the National Occupational Classification skill levels C and D.

Temporary foreign work permit and six months of work experience for the same position is required to apply under this stream.

Northwest Territories Express Entry:

This stream is for the candidates who are eligible to enter and have been accepted into the CIC's Express Entry Pool.

In addition to this, candidates must also:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria for the Skilled Worker Stream of the Northwest Territory Nominee Program; and
  • Express your interest in immigrating to the Northwest Territories.
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