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Self Employed

The self-employed program is targeted to those who have matching experience in one of the following:

  • Cultural activities such as authors, writers, performing artists, musicians, visual artists like painters and sculptors, those involved in motion pictures, creative designers and craftspeople.
  • Athletics such as athletes, coaches, referees and other related occupations.
  • Managing a farm.
  • Candidates under this program must be producing their own job through the practice of their chosen profession when they come to Canada. They may choose to apply under the federal self-employed program.

For more details, Brampton Immigration Consultancy is available to help you.

To be eligible, you must

Have two years of the following relevant experiences in the past five years:

  • taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level,
  • been self-employed in cultural activities or athletics, or
  • experience in managing a farm
  • Intend and be able to be self-employed in Canada.
  • Meet the selection criteria including experience, education, age, language abilities, and adaptability.
  • Pass medical, criminal and other conditions.
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