Permanent Residency After Graduation

Studying in Canada brings an advantage for the international students under federal and provincial immigration categories to apply for permanent residency.

Federal Immigration Program for International Graduates:

The federal government provides swift processing times for the permanent residency applications through its Express Entry system. This system is comprised of a points-based system in which candidates are ranked and selected based on their points, also called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Candidates with highest CRS score are invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class stream under thee Express Entry system allows the temporary workers with minimum one year of Canadian work experience

to apply for permanent residency, acting as a simpler and faster option to obtain permanent residency.

PNP Programs for International Graduates:

Provincial immigration categories are also available to international graduates to apply for immigration in one of these provinces. You may be eligible for one of the permanent residency programs below, provided from which province you completed your education:

  • • Alberta: Employer-Driven Stream: International Graduate Category, Strategic Recruitment Stream: International Graduate Category

  • • British Columbia: International Graduate Category

  • • Newfound land and Labrador: International Graduate Category

  • • Ontario: International Student Category

  • • Prince Edward Island: International Graduate Category

  • • Quebec: PEQ Student Category

  • • Saskatchewan: Worker with Saskatchewan work experience Students Category