Canada extends flight ban on India, what does this mean for prospective immigrants?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

As restrictions ease with Canada moving into stage three of reopening, the travel band barring flights from India extends to August 21, 2021.

While residents of Canada can now enjoy things such as indoor dining, commercial and passenger flights from India can’t come into the country for yet another month. This decision isn’t a surprise, as the ban extension had been speculated by the public.

The travel ban, issued on April 22, 2021, was put into effect due to the rising numbers of variant infections in Pakistan and India. Initially, the ban was put in place for 30 days for Pakistan, but was later lifted in late June.

For other parts of the world, fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed entry into the country as soon as next month, provided they received two doses of a Canada Health approved vaccine. All those who are fully vaccinated will not need to quarantine.

Restrictions on the country continue to ease as Canada moves into having one of the highest vaccination rates, with close to 80 per cent having received at least one dose and 40 per cent being fully vaccinated.

New immigrants with their Confirmation of Permanent Residence will now be able to travel to Canada and complete the landing process.

However, India is one of the leading sources of immigration into Canada, including international students. With the bar set high on introducing more immigrants into the country than ever before, seeking to welcome 400,000 new comers to support economic recovery, it remains unclear if the travel ban will be extended again or not.

There is a way for Indian travels to enter the country safely by taking indirect flights and receiving a negative COVID-19 test from another country, including transit stops. Currently, COVID-19 tests taken in India are not accepted.

As it stands, the number of countries allowing Indian travelers is limited, with Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Egypt, and the Maldives being some of the few allowing them entry.

While not as easy as a direct flight, there still remains a route for those wishing to settle or study in Canada via indirect route. Canada has also announced it will welcome all fully vaccinated travelers from across the globe September 7, 2021.

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