Impact of international students

Any country with a vibrant economy cannot downplay the role of foreign investors. These investors may be in the form of business people, tourists, students and more. More foreigners equal more money, more investments, more human resources. International students contribute not just economically but culturally.

The pandemic took a toll on studying Abroad. Over 1 million international students registered in academic institutions in the United States for the 2019/2020 academic session. An 18% drop from the previous year, according to visa records. Due to high numbers of infected people, travelling restrictions and consulate closures in many countries, the United States was a no-go area for many.

The Trump administration made a move by limiting the workload of foreign nationals who take purely online courses. The July 6 policy makes it mandatory for foreign nationals studying in the USA to take at least one course in person. The law was reversed after facing a backlash and lawsuits due to measures to curb the spread of covid-19.

The United States, under the Biden-Harris administration, recognizes the importance of international students. From building ties with other countries to strengthening the USA's economy. It has taken over two decades to realize the strength of international education.

As of March, there has been a 72% drop in the number of visas issued to international students.

The US shares border with Canada, which is a fantastic opportunity for international students. Canada is ranked top 5 in world education. Many others explore and experience home away from home while following covid guidelines.

Canada recognizes the importance of these people, so they leave their doors wide open. Many consider Canada Immigration friendly. After a visit, some decide to settle in. We earn respect as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. No reason highlights what attracts people to Canada, but many have crossed from the USA to make Canada their new home.

Canada took its fair share of low numbers of international students during the pandemic. One of the primary reasons was the cost of quarantining for two weeks. Travellers had to pay their hotel bills. Another was because only four ports of entry were operating for international flights. An indication after a two weeks quarantine; you have to travel to your selected province, which is another expense and time.

There was no report restricting international students from taking full workload online. Most academic institutions transitioned to complete online learning during the spread of the pandemic.

Things are beginning to ease up. Opportunities are beginning to open up, and Canada's doors are open.

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