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Co-op Work Permits

Understanding Co-op Work Permits for International Students

International students typically have part-time work allowances during their studies. However, certain study programs may incorporate full-time work as a crucial element, often referred to as a co-op program or internship. In such cases, a co-op work permit becomes essential.

Defining Co-op (Internship)

A co-op, synonymous with an internship, involves full-time work integral to your study program.

When is a Co-op Work Permit Necessary?

To engage in full-time co-op work, acquiring a co-op work permit is mandatory. The permit associates your school as the employer, and you are restricted to working in a position sanctioned by your co-op program. It’s advisable to apply for the permit promptly upon official confirmation from your school regarding the mandatory co-op component.

Eligibility Criteria for Co-op Work Permit

You are eligible to apply for a co-op work permit if:

– You possess a valid study permit.

– Work is a compulsory part of your study program.

– Your co-op placement constitutes 50% or less of your total study program. Certain study programs, such as general interest courses, preparatory courses, and language courses (English or French as a second language), are ineligible for co-op work permits.

Processing Time and Fees

Processing times vary based on the application submission method and processing location. In-Canada applications typically take approximately three months. The processing fee for co-op work permits is waived, making it a cost-free application process.

Key Application Considerations

While the requirements may seem straightforward, applications can face rejection due to inaccuracies, incompleteness, or non-compliance of submitted documents. Consider the following key aspects when applying for a co-op work permit in Canada: Application Timing: Apply promptly upon confirmation of the co-op requirement. Document Submission: Ensure accurate and complete submission of necessary documents. Part-Time Job Guidelines: Consider potential conflicts with part-time job regulations during your co-op engagement. Navigating these considerations ensures a smoother application process, increasing the likelihood of a successful co-op work permit acquisition.

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