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Work Permit (PGWP)

About the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

Are you embarking on a post-graduation journey in Canada? Explore the incredible benefits of the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) with Brampton Immigration Consultancy. Our expert team is here to guide you through the seamless process, ensuring you make the most of your Canadian educational experience.

Reasons to Apply for PGWP:

– Enhance your career prospects by gaining valuable Canadian work experience.

– Open doors to Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) with one year of skilled work experience.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for PGWP, ensure you have:

– Completed a program of study lasting at least 8 months.

– Studied full-time each academic session without extended gaps.

– Completed at least 50% of your program in class in Canada.

Ineligibility Criteria for a Post-Graduate

Not every graduate automatically qualifies for a work permit. Several factors render a student ineligible for a work permit, including:

  1. Existing Work Permit: Individuals with an existing work permit are ineligible for a new one.
  2. Language Study: Graduates who pursued French or English as a secondary language may be disqualified.
  3. Non-Eligible Courses: Students engaging in self-improvement or general interest courses might not meet the work permit criteria.
  4. Government Awards Participation: Those who took part in the Government of Canada Awards may find themselves ineligible.
  5. Global Affairs Canada Funding: Students who received funding from Global Affairs Canada may face restrictions on obtaining a work permit.
  6. Equal Opportunity Scholarship: Recipients of the Equal Opportunity scholarship might not qualify for a work permit.
  7. China-Canada Scholar Exchange: Participation in the China-Canada Scholar Exchange program can impact work permit eligibility.
  8. Distance Learning: Graduates who completed the majority of their degrees through distance learning may not meet the criteria.
  9. Non-Canadian Educational Institutions: Those who earned their degree from a non-Canadian college or school within Canada may face restrictions on obtaining a work permit.
Special Considerations in Work Permit Eligibility

When it comes to eligibility for a Canadian work permit, certain exceptions and special cases apply. Understanding these nuances is crucial for a smooth application process. Here are some key points to consider:

– Passport Validity: Ensure that your passport remains valid for the entire duration of your work permit. If your passport expires earlier, your work permit will align with the passport’s validity. Extensions can be sought when needed.
-Accelerated Programs: In accelerated study programs with shorter durations than regular courses, students remain eligible for a work permit covering the entire program length. For instance, completing a one-year course in eight months qualifies for a one-year work permit.
-Distance Learning Percentage: Eligibility for a work permit depends on the percentage of distance learning in the full study course. If distance learning constitutes less than 50%, the work permit duration aligns with the entire course length. However, if distance learning exceeds 50%, the full course duration may not apply.
-Unapproved Leaves: Taking unapproved leaves during the study program can jeopardize work permit eligibility. However, certain cases allow approved leaves of up to 150 days without affecting work permit eligibility.
-College or School Transfers: When transferring between colleges or schools, the total course duration must exceed eight months for work permit eligibility. In cases of transferring from a non-designated Learning Institution (DLI) to a DLI, only time spent at the DLI is considered.
-Overseas Study Credit: If your study program includes an overseas component, and you receive credit from a Canadian institution, work permit eligibility is possible. The permit’s duration, however, depends on the time spent studying in Canada exclusively.

Navigating these special cases ensures a thorough understanding of work permit eligibility, providing clarity for a successful application process.

Length of PGWP:

The permit duration ranges from 8 months to 3 years based on your full-time program’s length. You may be eligible for a 3-year PGWP if your program lasts 2 years or more or if you complete a graduate program of 16 months or more.

When to Apply:

Apply after your Letter of Completion is available, confirming you’ve fulfilled all program requirements. The application timeframe is crucial, and missed deadlines can impact your eligibility.

Working While Your Application is Under Process

Navigating the period while your work permit application is being processed requires attention to specific conditions. Here’s what you need to know:

Eligibility Criteria: To work full-time during the application processing, ensure you meet the following conditions:

   – Possess a valid study permit.

   – Successfully completed your study program.

   – Were eligible for off-campus work during your studies?

   – Adhered to the prescribed limits on working hours.

Providing Documentation: If you fulfill these criteria, share copies of the necessary documents with your employer. This allows you to commence working while awaiting the approval of your work permit.
Starting Employment: Once the required conditions are met and documentation is provided, you can begin working. This interim arrangement allows you to maintain employment until your official work permit is issued.
Failure to Meet Criteria: If you do not meet the specified criteria, it is essential to wait for the official issuance of your work permit. Working in Canada without proper authorization is not permissible, and adherence to immigration regulations is crucial.

Understanding and fulfilling these conditions ensures a smooth transition period, allowing you to continue your employment activities while awaiting the formal approval of your work permit.

At Brampton Immigration Consultancy, we navigate you through every step, providing personalized assistance and ensuring a smooth transition from student to professional in Canada. Unlock your post-graduation potential with PGWP – your gateway to limitless opportunities!

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