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Embark on an enriching adventure and pursue your academic dreams on a global scale! Brampton Immigration Consultancy can guide you through exciting study abroad options in vibrant countries, from Canada’s stunning landscapes to France’s rich culture. Explore world-class universities and diverse programs –  contact us today and unlock your future!

Study Permits:

We specialize in providing expert guidance and support to students seeking to obtain study permits for their academic pursuits abroad. Our experienced team navigates the complex application process, ensuring that students meet all requirements and submit a compelling application. From assisting with documentation to liaising with immigration authorities, we ensure a smooth transition for students embarking on their study abroad journey.

Study Permit Extension:

For students already studying abroad and seeking to extend their study permits, our dedicated team offers personalized assistance. We understand the importance of uninterrupted academic pursuits and work diligently to facilitate the extension process. From gathering the necessary documentation to submitting applications, we guide students every step of the way, ensuring they can continue their studies seamlessly.

Change College:

Should students wish to change their college either within Canada or abroad, we provide tailored support to facilitate a smooth transfer process. Our team assists students in navigating the transfer requirements, liaising with academic institutions, and ensuring a seamless transition between colleges. We prioritize students’ academic goals and strive to minimize disruptions to their education while facilitating their desired college change.

Intake Abroad Initiative:

Our new initiative, Intake Abroad, aims to connect students with study opportunities worldwide. Stay updated on upcoming intakes, application deadlines, and exciting study programs.

Embark on your study abroad journey with confidence. Contact us today to explore endless possibilities for academic and personal growth!


Our team specializes in guiding students through the study permit application process, ensuring all requirements are met for a successful application.

If you’re seeking to extend your study permit, our experts provide personalized assistance to navigate the extension process and ensure uninterrupted academic pursuits.

Should you wish to change your college within Canada or abroad, our team offers tailored support to facilitate a smooth transfer process between institutions.

Our comprehensive FAQs cover a range of topics including admission processes, visa requirements, financial considerations, and more, providing valuable information for prospective students.

Yes, in addition to study opportunities in Canada, we provide guidance for studying in countries such as the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Australia. Our services encompass study permits, admissions, and more for a variety of international destinations.

Intake abroad
Simplifying your learning path, Intakeabroad brings you a platform where you can easily apply in your desired college and overcome the hassles of tedious paperwork.